Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Little Out of Order: Thing 14

Add your voice in VoiceThread!

Ah! I've never been one to come up with good taglines or jingles. I'm much better with more words than less. I'm good for a harangue, or diatribe, or filibuster because I've never been short on words. Blunt maybe, but never short on words.

I find VoiceThread an interesting tool that I could definitely see using especially when it comes to looking at art in class. But what I really want a tool like this for is to grade and give feedback on essays. I want to have a "video" of my corrections and feedback that also records me talking through my changes. I have tunnel vision as far as this is concerned. So I tried it with VoiceThread and found that this particular program does not work for this purpose. I uploaded the essay fine, but was unable to keep the document zoomed in to add my edits. So, the document is virtually uneditable, because I can't see it (too tiny).

So my search for "the holy grail" of programs for my commenting/feedback idea for essays continues.

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  1. So...VoiceThread does not have a use in your classes? What about on the side of students?