Monday, March 22, 2010

Slideshare: Thing 20

Well, here's something new for me: Slideshare! I love this! How did I not know about this previously? I don't know. I often search YouTube for video presentations on different ideas, and I've had relative success in finding something that suits my needs. Slideshare offers another layer of options, if not just to spur ideas to create my own presentations. I found two presentations of particular interest for me. The first is a Facebook presentation. I'm interested in using Facebook in the classroom and am searching for ways to do it. (I'll be listening in on a webinar in April using Facebook in the classroom). So, I searched Facebook and looked for the education category and found this slide:

I basically had to skip to slide 27 to get to the information that I was looking for because the first 26 are an introduction to Facebook, which I didn't particularly need. It's a long presentation and the audio is not the best. I can hear the presenter fine, but can't hear the questions posed by the class very well.

Viewing this presentation prompted me to search for presentations on analytical essays. I came across this promising one:

While this presentation has some limitations (I don't necessarily like some of the suggestions for theses, structure, etc.), it would work well for 9th or 10th graders in helping them understand what an analytical essay is and how it differs from other types of essays.

I find many ways that Slideshare can be used in and out of the classroom. I might even post some of my own that I created for different literary theories. If I have a general interest in, say, cooking, I might find something of interest on Slideshare (believe it or not). The opportunities seem endless here.


  1. Did you know you can download the presentations and modify them?

  2. NO, I didn't! Excellent! Thanks Dino.

  3. At the MACUL conference in March Liz Kolb presented how she uses Facebook in her class. She put her presentation on is the link...